Pipe Major Bill Roberston teaching resource

This year Pipe Major Bill Robertson very kindly donated to CNP some teaching resources he created – a mixture of PDF documents, and sound and video files. A former Pipe Major of the Scots Grays and NZ champion Innes Tartan Pipe Band, Bill is a respected authority. The resources illustrate his meticulous teaching method, covering the basics in great detail as well as a number of tunes. The combination of resources was released on DVD, and is available to members, available on-line for members to download onto a memory stick and use. We are hoping we might be able to make the content interactively available online too.

Please see a sample of the PDF style of teaching (embedded links only work when you download to make your own memory stick of these teachings). To use in full please download the zipped up version of all these files so you can use them on your own blank formatted memory stick.

Here is a preview of the beautifully laid out teaching material:

Sample – Lament for Donald of Laggan
Sample – Taorluath a mach

Download the zipped file

Click this clink to the CNPNZ google drive so you can download a complete zip file of all the content required to create your own Bill Robertson teaching USB drive. This zip file includes all PDF files and associated audio files in the original directory structure. This is a 4Gb file! get it now Simply download, save and unzip this file to a new usb stick and enjoy.

Here is what the shared drive looks like:

Click on the DVD Piobaireachd technique 1.7z file, right click and click download to get the file.